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Judy Clark Denied Parole

On April 21, 2017, the New York State Parole Board unanimously voted to deny parole, holding Judy in prison for another two years. The decision fails to acknowledge Judy’s many public efforts to offer apologies to the victims and barely mentions Judy’s accomplishments or the positive impact she has had on so many inside Bedford. A system that doesn’t recognize rehabilitation is a broken system, not just for Judy but for all those working to earn their freedom. There is no reason to bring someone forward for a parole hearing if there is nothing they can do to earn parole.

Right now, it would help if you make your voice heard loudly on social media, or in any way you are most familiar, as we begin to take next steps through appeals and the courts (and if you use twitter, please tweet using hashtag #paroleisbroken). This issue is, of course, much bigger than Judy and we hope that your comments bring attention to the thousands of families hurt by this dysfunctional and immoral system.

More soon and thank you for your support.
Judy Clark’s Legal Team

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“More Mercy, Less Prison in a Shift for Cuomo”

Read this October 24, 2015 New York Times piece, by columnist Jim Dwyer, announcing Governor Cuomo’s creation of a “clemency project” to find worthy candidates. In a statement, Governor Cuomo said, “Today we are taking a critical step toward a more just, more fair, and more compassionate New York. With this new initiative, we are seeking to identify those deserving of a second chance and to help ensure that clemency is a more accessible and tangible reality.”

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