On April 21, 2017, the NY Parole Board unanimously voted to deny Judy parole. Despite Judy’s exceptional record, expressions of remorse, disproportionately long sentence, low-risk assessment, and the support of thousands—including NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, the former Chairman of the New York State Board of Parole, 13 past presidents of the New York City Bar Association, the retired Superintendent of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, and one of the victims who testified against her at trial—the Parole Board denied Judy parole. They said that her release would not be “compatible with the welfare of society” because she is “still a symbol of violent terroristic crime.”

In April 2018, the New York State Supreme Court ruled that the Parole Board’s decision was arbitrary and capricious. The Court ordered the Parole Board to hold a new and fair hearing for Judy by the end of June 2018. Unfortunately, the Attorney General chose to appeal the Court’s decision, and we are now waiting for the outcome of that appeal. Until the appeal is decided, Judy will not receive the new parole hearing that she deserves.

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Judy’s lawyers are also part of a larger movement to demand parole reform. A system that doesn’t recognize rehabilitation is a broken system, not just for Judy but for all those working to earn their freedom. Below are recent news articles about Judy and about parole injustice more generally.




For a legal analysis of the NY Parole Board practices and procedures, please see here.