What You Can Do To Help Judy

Judy Clark with dog

1.  Sign up to receive updates about Judy’s campaign and ask 5 other people to also join the mailing listWe need to have a strong base of people to contact when there are key moments in Judy’s campaign for parole. People can either be encouraged to visit our website or you can share the link for joining our mailing list: https://judithclark.org/contact/join-mailing-list/

2.  Write to the NY Parole Board to express your support for Judy’s release and ask 5 other people to write letters as well. If you have written to support Judy in the past, please send us an updated letter (since April 2017). Showing the Parole Board that Judy has support in the community and that her release would be “compatible with the welfare of society” is critical. Guidelines for writing letters are below.

3. We are also grateful for any donations to support Judy. These can be securely sent through paypal or by contacting us to arrange sending a check.

We also strongly encourage people who care about Judy to support wider efforts for parole reform, and to help fix the broken parole system. Please contact us if you would like more resources and information about these efforts.



Despite Judy’s exceptional record, expressions of remorse, disproportionately long sentence, low-risk assessment, and the support of thousands, on April 21, 2017, the NY Parole Board unanimously voted to deny Judy parole. Their argument was that Judy’s release would not be “compatible with the welfare of society” because she is “still a symbol of violent terroristic crime.” If you believe that Judy’s release would be compatible with your welfare and vision of society, please consider writing the NY Parole Board to express your support for Judy’s release. Every letter sends a powerful message to the Parole Commissioners.

If you have written to support Judy in the past (prior to April 2017), please update your letter and re-submit it to us. Recent letters are much more powerful than old letters. 

We encourage you to explain why you believe that Judy Clark meets the New York State Board of Parole regulations and guidelines. In particular, we encourage you to outline why you believe:

  • That her release is “compatible with the welfare of society”.
  • That thirty-six years in prison is a serious punishment for a serious crime and that her release “will not deprecate the seriousness of her crime”.
  • That there is a “reasonable probability that.. [she] will live and remain at liberty without violating the law”.

If you have met Judy, please note that at the beginning of the letter, and provide any evidence you have from your interactions with her that she is she meets the above criteria.

Letters do not need to be long. A simple paragraph can be enough. Also note:

  • The letter should begin with “Dear Commissioners of the Board of Parole”.
  • Please include Judy’s “DIN” (Prison ID Number) in your letter: 83-G-0313.
  • If you live in New York, or specifically Rockland County, please note that in your letter.
  • If you are able to write on letterhead, please do so.

Please do not use angry or hateful language.

Please send your letter to Judy’s legal team who will submit them to the Parole Board once her next hearing is scheduled.:

  1. By email: letters@judithclark.org OR
  2. By mail:

Professor Steve Zeidman
CUNY School of Law
2 Court Square
Long Island City NY 11101