What You Can Do To Help Judy

Judy Clark with dog

1.  Sign up to receive updates about Judy’s campaign for freedom

2.  Write to the NY Parole Board to express your views

Despite Judy’s exceptional record, expressions of remorse, disproportionately long sentence, low-risk assessment, and the support of thousands, on April 21, 2017, the NY Parole Board unanimously voted to deny Judy parole. Their argument was that Judy’s release would not be “compatible with the welfare of society” because she is “still a symbol of violent terroristic crime.” If you believe that Judy’s release would be compatible with your welfare and vision of society, please consider writing the NY Parole Board to express your support for Judy’s release and why you view her as more than a symbol. We believe that every letter sends a powerful message to the Parole Commissioners that many people and many communities would feel safer and healthier with Judy home.

Where to send your letter:

New York State Board of Parole
Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator
Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
247 Harris Road
Bedford Hills, NY 10507-2400

Please note:

  • The letter should begin with “Dear Commissioners of the Board of Parole.”
  • Please include Judy’s “DIN” in your letter  — (her prison ID number) — it is 83-G-0313.
  • Hard copy letters are likely to be read and carry greater weight. If you cannot mail a hard copy letter you can also submit letters of support electronically through the Parole Board
  • Important: So that we are able to make sure all letters are received, please also send an email or scanned copy of your hard copy or electronic letter to letters@judithclark.org or you can send a hard copy to Prof. Steven Zeidman, CUNY School of Law, 2 Court Square, LIC, NY 11101; FAX (718) 340-4478.